Travel Day to Davenport Florida

Monday October 24th 2022

My short stay at Jetty Park was up this morning. Checkout time from the campground was noon. The added hour from the usual 11AM checkout allowed me to do things a little more leisurely. I still got started at 7:30AM as per my normal moving day start time, but took several breaks. Just before noon I was at the dumping station emptying my tanks in preparation for my drive into the greater Orlando area.

My route to the southern suburbs of Orlando is pretty straight cross country through ranch and farm land until I reach St. Cloud on route US 192. From there west it is three lanes of traffic between more stop lights than anyone needs. I barely get up to speed before I have to start slowing down for the next light. It was a two hour drive, but more than half the time was in the last third of the distance. This is the same route I always use between the coast and the Orlando area. I was a little concerned that it might not be available this year. The route crosses the head waters of the St. John’s river which has been at flood stage along various portions of its flow since hurricane Ian. The water was still high and areas that should be dry were flooded, but the roads were all open and in good condition.

Site F-6 at the Kissimmee South RV Resort.

I am staying at the Kissimmee South RV Resort in Davenport Florida. It is a 55+ resort that is primarily for long term stays in RVs and even longer ones in mobile homes. The sites are close, but the park has some nice ponds and plenty of amenities. The location is good and the monthly cost is cheaper than many Florida RV parks. I plan to enjoy many of the tourist attractions in the Orlando area. In particular, I plan to make use of my annual passes to Sea World and Disney. It will me nice not to move for an extended period.


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