Setting up for a long stay

Tuesday October 25th 2022

It was a comfortable start to the day. The overnight temperatures got down into the sixties. By the middle of the afternoon the temperature peaked in the mid eighties. The forecast calls for the temperature to return to the sixties for good sleeping temperatures overnight, and there isn’t any significant chance of rain in the seven day forecast.

A couple of the nonhuman residents.

I worked on getting setup for an extended stay this morning. In addition to taking my bicycle and rack off my car, for longer stops I get out the tire covers to block the UV rays from reaching the rubber and a do a few other odd setup things. I’m looking forward to not having to move for more than a month.

Second up on the day’s activities was a food run. I was out of non frozen meat, bread and OJ. I skipped going to the grocery store before I moved on Sunday, so today I was a little overdue. It seemed like other people were overdue too. Walmart was as busy as the day before Thanksgiving. There as more than one traffic jam of shopping carts. It took a little longer than normal, but I managed to get everything I needed. Since I’m staying in one place longer, I seem to have converted my shopping habit a little. More than once today I thought “I can get that next time” instead of “I’ll get it now and not have to shop again for awhile.”

Although this is a new to me RV resort, I am very familiar with the area. I stayed nearby for four months in the winter of 2015-2016 and have returned for shorter periods of time at least once during each winter I’ve been in Florida. The bottom line is I know my way around. That came in handy today. There is a lot of road work going on in the area. I changed my route twice today to avoid roadwork, but traffic was still an issue.

Wandering around the campground today, I saw very few empty sites. It is hard to tell how many of the residents are permanent, here for the winter or for a shorter time. Clearly most of the park model homes and mobile homes are long term, but the RVs are a more difficult puzzle. The fifth wheel trailer beside me is not currently occupied. The slides are all pulled in and there is no outside furniture. I wonder when the owners will return? The park doesn’t have a lot of daily turnover. I was the only RV scheduled to arrive yesterday, but there was one leftover from Sunday that arrived a day late. The weekend might be different or maybe things will change with the arrival of the first of November. It’s all guess work to me.

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