Birds and Ships

Sunday October 23rd 2022

Today was another great weather day in the same model as the previous couple of days. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper seventies. It was much warmer inland where the northeast breeze didn’t have the moderating effect of the Atlantic Ocean.

This was a very big turnover day at the campground. All of the weekend residents packed up this morning and departed by the noon checkout. This afternoon many new campers arrived to take their place. I think there are more people here tonight than there were on my arrival day last Sunday. For some reason all of the activity around me had the opposite impact on my behavior today. Instead of heading back to the mainland for groceries, I just chilled around the park.

The birds and cruise ships got the attention of my camera this afternoon. There were only two cruise ships in port today, but there were plenty of birds. The first cruise ship to depart had to get started without both of its escorts. The sheriff’s boat was diverted to deal with a medical emergency of some form that was brought in by boat to the boat launch area near the campground. The two deputies from the boat handled the issue until other deputies and the fire department arrived. Then they returned to their boat and headed off at high speed to assist the Coast Guard boat crew. There seems to be something interesting going on every day.

This is my last full day here. I’m moving to the Orlando area tomorrow. I wish I could have gotten a longer stay here, but the weekends seem to book way in advance. This site was not available for the weekend when I first looked, but was probably the subject of a cancellation before I checked successfully. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a longer stay next fall.


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