A Walk on the Beach

Saturday October 22nd 2022

The weather today was terrific. It was a little bit of an improvement in the temperature category from Friday with a little bit less cloud cover. It was a great day for a walk on the beach.

Ducks in the retention pond.

The tide was right for a long walk on the beach today. There was enough partially dried packed sand between the high water mark and the breaking waves to allow easy walking. I set out along the beach heading south from Jetty Park. There are miles and miles of beach before the shore is broken by the next inlet. I walked about 1.5 miles south before I returned home. The medium rise condominium buildings, time shares and hotels along this section of beach are set back by a line of sand dunes. There were plenty of people out today. People were engaged in all kinds of activity all along the beach. Some were in the water and others were staying on shore. A good number of people were walking the beach just like I was.

The campground is busy this weekend. There are a few empty improved sites with electric and water, but the bulk of the empty sites are the unimproved sites with no hookups. I have a couple in a tent on one side and another group in a tent trailer on the other side. Both of my neighbors were enjoying the start of the weekend well into the overnight hours last night. Conversations that you can’t really here, but know people are talking are my nemesis to sleep. That was my night even with the windows closed. They probably stopped around 2AM and started up again around 7AM.

SpaceX ship “Bob” used to support the recovery of boosters and payload fairings.

There were only three cruise ships in port today. Carnivals biggest cruise ship the Mardi Gras was parked at terminal 3 near the location of my RV home. It towers over everything when it is berthed there. I went over to the inlet around 4PM to watch it use its side thrusters to move away from the dock into the channel and out of the port. It was followed and hour later by the Disney Fantasy from deeper in the port. This Disney ship only played two melodies on its horns as it passed all of the people gathered to watch the ships set sail. There were almost as many people lined up to watch the cruise ships depart as there were on Thursday to watch the rocket launch.

Carnival Mardi Gras

Disney Fantasy

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