A Drive to the Ocean

Friday October 14th 2022

The cold front passed through without fanfare last night. The sun was bright in the deep blue sky all day. It was less humid, so the mid eighties temperature felt much cooler. There was nothing to complain about with today’s weather.

On today’s drive I crossed the Intercoastal waterway onto the barrier islands along the Atlantic. The water level in the waterway is still seems higher than normal. I’m not sure why since most of the runoff inland goes west and north into the St. Johns River. It is still above normal, but coming down slowly. Along A1A, the primary route down the coast, there were piles of debris and yard waste waiting to be picked up. The volume wasn’t significantly more or less than what I’ve seen along the streets in the neighborhoods near the campground. Near the inlets and out near the beach there was some evidence of beach erosion and a few of the access points were blocked off. Overall the impact of hurricane Ian was minimal in this area. I can only hope it will be similar mild level at my next stop right on the ocean in Port Canaveral.

Looking back across the Intercoastal at the mainland.

The campground has filled up substantially for the weekend. There are still a few empty sites scattered throughout the campground. It looks like there is a Jacksonville area camping club taking up many sites in one area of the park. This is not the same group that was in the campground when I was here during the summer, but apparently this is a popular spot for RV groups. This group seems to be an FMCA chapter.

The water in the campground was off this afternoon. I didn’t see any work going on in the park, so I’m not sure what the cause might be. It came back on by the supper hour, but the flow rate is very low. It only seems to be strong enough to flush the toilet. I have ten gallons or so in my internal tank which I will use as needed. Taking a shower with the current water pressure would be a miserable experience.


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