Last Day in St. Augustine for this Visit

Saturday October 15th 2022

It was another cool start to the day. It was in the low sixties this morning. By the afternoon the temperature was a little north of eighty. There was a little more wind than Friday, but the humidity remained low.

Blossom of the day.

Today was a slow chores day. That translates to lots of down time, but getting a few things accomplished around my RV home. During that down time I caught parts of a few college football games and a little bit of the baseball playoffs. This is also my last day here. I got a few of the day before travel tasks accomplished and started to pickup the clutter inside.

The campground is in full blown weekend mode. There are lots of small groups of two or three families cooking together and enjoying a fire in the portable fire pits. There aren’t a lot of kids in the park this weekend. I only saw one group riding bicycles around the park. Bigger kids called adults were busier with their bikes. There were a lot of very noisy motorcycles. If you ever wondered what’s in the back of the toy hauler trailers, it is more often than not a motorcycle or two.

With two weeks to go before Halloween, I expected to see more decorations. There only seems to be two sites with blow up pumpkins and ghosts. This is the type of campground that I would expect to see a lot more. Maybe everybody is saving there decorations for the last weekend of the month. This park has a lot of events planned.

Tomorrow I’m driving about 125 miles south to Jetty Park on the water at Port Canaveral. I have about 3 hours between the checkout time here and the check in time there. I plan to stop for gas and probably will kill some time in a rest area too. The drive is relatively simple; right down Interstate 95.


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