St Augustine is Still Cleaning Up After Ian

Thursday October 13th 2022

Today began with a similar cloud cover to Wednesday. There was an elevated probability of morning rain, but it never materialized. By the noon hour the sky was blue and the sun was beating down. The line of rain and thunderstorms had pushed through and was out over the Atlantic Ocean. The cold front associated with the storms is due to move through the area overnight. There is the possibility of rain as the front passes. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day with far less humidity and a high five or more degrees lower than today’s high at around eighty degrees.

Hibiscus blossoms of the day.

This area was well to the north and west of the center of hurricane Ian’s track line. The storm crossed back out into the Atlantic about 100 miles to the south of here between Daytona Beach and Titusville. The strength of the storm in this area was far less than others had to deal with. Even so, the streets in some of the neighborhoods I drove through today were lined with tree and other debris to be collected. There were even a couple of tree service trucks working near power lines to clean up additional damage. It has been two weeks since the storm passed and this area is not fully back to normal. Just think what it must be like in the southwest of the Florida peninsular. The daily reports from Fort Meyers on the news have ended, but the cleanup is just getting started. They were subject to so much worse than this area.

While I was out, I stopped at the local Walmart to stock up on supplies. They had lots of gaps on the shelves, but lots of pallets of stock in the aisles. The missing element was the staff to put the content of the pallets on the shelves. It really was a bit of an obstacle course. I got everything I needed just not always in the size I prefer. For example, I usually buy the biggest “can” of coffee I can find. Today I had to settle for the regular size. This Walmart was also very low on eggs. They weren’t as out of stock as the last Walmart I visited, but picking was slim. It is a good thing eggs aren’t a big element of my diet.

The campground is filling up for the weekend. I’d guess that about half of last nights empty sites are now full. Tomorrow will probably fill most of those sites. The new arrivals seem to be mostly Florida residents.


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