Settling in for My Short Stay in St. Augustine

Wednesday October 12th 2022

This is the first day in months that I didn’t see the sun all day. It was cloudy and threatening rain all morning. During the afternoon the clouds thought about allowing the sun to break through, but they won the battle in the end. Overall, it was a very humid dull day. The temperature peaked in the low to mid eighties.

Non Hibiscus blossom of the day.

Possibly because of the cloudy weather, it was a very slow day. I did my regular first day at a new location tasks, but it seemed like I had plenty of down time between activities. At one point I thought it was around 5PM only to look at the clock and see 2:30PM displayed. Usually it is the other way around and 5PM comes before I know it.

Walking around the campground I would judge it to be about half full. About half of the current occupants seem to be travelers. There are several Texas and South Dakota license plates. Both states are big domicile states for full time RVers like me. Some of the Florida license plates probably belong to full timers as well. At least I know mine meets that criteria. I think there are also a few families enjoying the Fall school break here.

The campground staff is still picking up a lot of debris from the storm almost two weeks ago. They didn’t have any trees come down but branches, sticks and some other stuff needed to be picked up. All that remains to be picked up is the small stuff. They were delayed a few days in getting started because everyone was evacuated during the storm and there was some standing water in a few areas. Overall it wasn’t as bad as I was lead to believe when I wasn’t able to make a reservation shortly after the storm.

One thing that survived the storm well are all the hibiscus bushes. There are as many flowers in bloom today as there were when I was here in August. I really like the flower and took plenty of pictures today.


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