Travel Day to St. Augustine

Tuesday October 11th 2022

The string of low humidity days came to an end today. I woke up this morning to thick fog in the campground. It gradually lifted into a cloudy day by the time I left shortly before 11AM. Getting ready to travel was a damp exercise. By the time I arrived at my destination in St. Augustine the sky was blue, the sun was burning hot and the humidity remained. It wasn’t much fun setting up for my stay. I was dripping.

The drive was uneventful. Traffic in the Jacksonville area was very heavy. Crossing the St. Johns River on the Interstate 295 beltway was the first obvious sign of the recent hurricane. The docks along the shore were in bad shape. The water was near the tops of the docks and many of the decking boards were missing. The water had clearly been higher and the wave action more severe than it was today.

Earlier in the drive on Interstate 75 south, I saw a few less obvious signs of the recent hurricane. I was passed by many big trucks filled with building supplies. The two flatbed trucks loaded with roofing shingles traveling south together cued me into the types of products on some of the trucks I was playing hopscotch with. Once I started looking I saw loads of plywood and two by fours on flatbeds as well. I suspect a few of the enclosed trailer trucks contained building supplies for the hurricane area too. It could have been normal deliveries, but I think there were just too many.

Site 134 at Sun Outdoors St. Augustine Florida.

I am back at Sun Outdoors St. Augustine until Sunday. I was last here in early August. This is a good place to wait out a few days before my reservation at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral begins. There is a lot more to do in the St. Augustine area than Jennings Florida, but I’m really looking forward to my next stop at the intersection of the port and the Atlantic Ocean.


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