A Slow Last Day in Jennings FL

Monday October 10th 2022

The great weather continued today. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties under a cloudless sky. The humidity wasn’t bad and a gentle breeze blew out of the north most of the day. The bright sun kept the resident ducks in hiding most of the day. They settle down for naps under bushes and back in the woods.

Blossom of the day.

Once again the campground emptied quickly this morning. My immediate neighbors were gone by 8AM and almost everybody else was gone by the 11AM checkout time. There was one additional RV here for the day than yesterday. Not as many new RVs arrived to fill in the vacancies this afternoon. I do not have any immediate neighbors tonight.

Why did the Ducks cross the road?

Tomorrow is moving day. I am moving about 150 miles to St. Augustine. Today I did a few of the day before travel tasks, but not as many as usual. I have a few more to do in the morning and I’ll decide where to buy gas on the fly. The price of gas has gone up ten to twenty cents while I’ve been here. I even checked the price to the north in Georgia to see if it made sense to back track a little. The biggest increase in cost was actually at the stations in Georgia. With about half a tank, I can make it all the way to my destination without filling the tank. The real question is what will gas cost next Sunday when I move again.

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