Today’s Laundry Adventure

Sunday October 9th 2022

Both today’s weather and the campground occupancy followed the pattern established over the last couple of days. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties under a bright sunny sky and once again the campground emptied out this morning. Any thought that this is a holiday weekend in Georgia and some parts of Florida is completely irrelevant. By the 11AM checkout time there were only two RVs in this part of the campground. One was the work campers assigned to this area and the other was me. Shortly before 2PM tonight’s arrivals started to fill in the vacancies.

Blossom of the day.

One of today’s chores turned into a more difficult task than necessary. Getting the laundry accomplished involved a lot of walking and waiting all because of a change machine. I needed quarters to feed the machines. The laundry facility at this park had a change machine in the laundry. While that sounds normal, it is not that common. They probably installed it because the office is a long walk away. When it works it would be a great help. Today it took my twenty dollar bill and gave me 8 quarters. That isn’t even enough for one load of laundry. I made the long walk around the pond back to the office to report the malfunction. Walking back I passed the staff member heading for the office for the keys to the machine in a golf cart. He met me back at the laundry fifteen minutes or so later. In quick order he gave me the rest of my change, but the entertainment wasn’t over. The machines that were available when I started the saga were no longer available, but I was entertained watching the guy try to fix the change machine. He had to empty all of the coins to find a way to fix the machine. As expected when dealing with coins more than a few ended up on the floor. He had a great time chasing them around. It took him more than half an hour to get the machine back in working order. By then, a washing machine was available for me to start my laundry.

Laundry facility with the offending change machine in the center of the picture.

Watching football on TV was my other diversion for the day. The games weren’t filled with as many last minute plays as last week, but there were still a few good games on TV. I was going to watch the NASCAR race, but the laundry episode diverted my attention enough that I forgot to turn the station.

October Full Hunter’s moon

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