Where Did Everybody Go?

Saturday October 8th 2022

The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties just like Friday. It was a very nice day.

One of the reasons I’m staying here this weekend is because there was a vacancy. I didn’t book the holiday weekend soon enough to find a space at any of the campgrounds near popular recreation opportunities. This is a campground on the side of the interstate that gets many overnight or couple of night stays. Even so, I got the last site available for the six nights including the holiday weekend. I wasn’t surprised to see the campground really fill up on Friday night. It looked like there was going to be a good crowd for the weekend. This morning when I raised the blinds both of my neighbors were already gone. By the 11AM checkout time there were only four RVs in this part of the campground. Where did everybody go? Did they head further south or north? So much for my assumptions about weekend occupancy. This evening many of the empty sites have filled up, but nowhere near as thoroughly as Friday night.

While I was out on Interstate 75 today there was another steady stream of utility line trucks heading north. That would seem to track with the media reports that power is back on in most of the state. The only significant outages remain in the area of maximum devastation in Lee County. There is no point in turning the power on for buildings that are only a debris field. Time and money are the only things that are going to get the mess cleaned up and eventually restored. The number of things that are gone forever is scary.

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