Six Months of Plans

Friday October 7th 2022

Today was a few degrees warmer than yesterday, but otherwise it was the same great weather. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties. The norm for this area at this time of year is the low to mid eighties. So “Where having a heatwave”. The heat is accompanied by low humidity, so it all evens out in the end.

This Egret really likes the porch on this cottage. Maybe he lives there.

I was able to book a reservation in St. Augustine for when I leave here next week. For the last few days the campground had not been taking reservations. I presume because of high water levels in and around the campground, but that really is just a guess. With that reservation I now have the next six months full book. In most cases, because of the type of places I’m staying, I even have the stay paid for. The last time I felt so prepared, the pandemic hit and I had to start canceling reservations. My fingers are crossed.

As of right now, three of the state parks I’m booked at have not reopened after the hurricane. I’m pretty sure Myakka River State Park is still underwater. It floods often. Hopefully, the water will recede and everything can be cleaned up before the middle of December. My end of December into early January stay is also in the area impacted by the hurricane. I give that one a better chance of being OK. The last reservation of concern is at the end of February in Collier county near Naples Florida. The park is located in an area that often floods. I think it will be fine long before February.

The two Army Corp of Engineers campgrounds along the Caloosahatchee River and waterway east of Fort Meyers that I failed to get reservations at despite many attempts, sound like they are in serious trouble. It turns out to be a good thing that I had to make other accommodations. The other thing to worry about is FEMA and other relief efforts taking over the public campgrounds in the southwestern part of the state for humanitarian and temporary living arrangements. If it happens I’ll adapt. Providing people with a place to live is more important.

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