Getting Settled In

Thursday October 6th 2022

Today’s weather was a little bit warmer than Wednesday. It climbed into the low to mid eighties, but the humidity is low. It was a very comfortable day.

It was a typical first day at a new location. As usual I slept in a bit until about 9AM. Breakfast takes a little bit longer, because I have to unpack the coffee maker and a couple of other things. After breakfast it is time to convert my car from transport mode to touring mode. Basically this means I take my bicycle and its rack off and stow the towing tabs away. The bicycle gets locked to the picnic table and the rack is stored under my motorhome. At that point, I’m ready to start my stay.

This is a familiar campground. I last stayed here in the middle of August. A tree maintenance crew was working in the park at that time. Today I checked out the result of their work. Most of the mid size live oak trees in between the campsites have been removed. They even removed the stumps. Two or three big healthy ones remain. The ones they removed were more obstructive than helpful. Other trees in the park have been trimmed. The low hanging branches along the exit road have been cut back enough that they will not scrape the roof of tall RVs. Overall things look better.

The local ducks are all still here. In August some were clearly young birds. Now, most of the ducks are the same size. It is no longer possible to recognize family units in the dozens of ducks. They clearly have no fear of people and wander right into campsites and up to people. The ducks are a domesticated variety.

The campground was close to full last night, but this morning most of them departed. In the middle of the day there were only about five other RVs in the campground. Around 2PM the park started to fill up again. It is about as occupied tonight as last night. Back in August most of the RVs were from Florida, tonight the mix of license plates is far greater. California and Oregon were represented for the furthest traveled award. Ontario, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire were also represented.

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