Another Lazy Slow Day

Monday October 3rd 2022

Fall weather seems to have arrived. The overnight temperature is routinely getting down into the sixties or lower. With the cooler start to the day, it takes more energy to get the temperature to a high level. Today started off sunny in the low sixties. Before the sun could warm the air much from the morning low heavy clouds moved through the area. The blue sky was back by late afternoon, but the temperature never made it to seventy. The average temperature for this time of year is in the low eighties.

The campground is in the shadow of an old style water tower.

The clouds moved in just in time to divert any ambition I had for the day. Thinking it might rain I decided to stay at home. It became a common day after travel. Exploring the campground was the extent of my adventure for the day. This is an older campground that isn’t in the best condition. From my conversation at check in yesterday, I learned the campground management is new. Based on a sign I saw on the highway the campground may have just been or soon will be sold. There is a lot of potential here, but maintenance has clearly been deferred. It is perfectly good for an overnight or two and that is exactly what it is getting used for. RVs flooded in yesterday afternoon and evening only to leave this morning. This afternoon the pattern repeated.

Here comes the moon.

On my exploration of the campground I didn’t find anything photogenic. There aren’t any flowers in bloom either planted or wild. Even the squirrels didn’t want their pictures taken. They scurried up the nearest tree as soon as I got near. I had to look to the sky for the pictures in this blog entry.


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