Checking Out the Area

Tuesday October 4th 2022

It was another beautiful day weather wise. After a cool start in the low sixties the mercury climbed into the low seventies. There was a blue sky and bright sun all day. The wind was hardly noticeable. Overall it was another comfortable fall day in the middle of Georgia.

Unlike yesterday’s shy squirrel, this squirrel decided to pose for me.

I drove around the area a bit to check things out today. There seems to be a lot of empty and abandoned businesses and buildings. At this interstate exit alone there are four closed businesses. They appear to have been closed for some time judging by the weeds invading the parking lot and building structures. Closer to town I saw empty stores in some of the strip malls. I’m guessing this area has seen more prosperous times.

The local Walmart was about as busy as I would expect on a Tuesday afternoon. There were plenty of shoppers, but no backup at the registers. This store had less space dedicated to food than many. It was also organized a little different. There was not as clear a delineation between the sections. The produce section overlapped the freezer section and the meet section. The dairy and deli sections also merged into the beverage area. In the aisles the space allocated for various products and the number of options was limited do to the size of the area of the store set aside for food.

One odd thing in the store was the total absence of eggs. I wasn’t looking for eggs, but it was hard to miss all of the empty black plastic egg crates. Even the organic and specialty brands were sold out. I wonder if this has anything to do with the hurricane. Might the laying hens live in the hurricane ravaged area? There were no signs to indicate why they were out of eggs or when they might have them.

More signs of fall.

This is my last day at this location. Tomorrow I resume my return to Florida. I have about 100 miles to my next stop just south of the boarder in Jennings Florida. I’ll be at another KOA that I have been to before. This was my best option for the holiday weekend.


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