Traveling South in Georgia

Sunday October 2nd 2022

It was another cool overnight. The temperature was in the low sixties as I packed up and got ready to travel this morning. By the time the daylight hours ended the temperature was around eighty. On the early part of my travel day there was a gusty wind. I was packed and on the road by 10:30AM.

Interstate 75 in Georgia and Florida is one of my least favorite interstate highways in the nation. Even Interstate 95 in the northeast corridor is more tolerable. The road condition is better than many other interstate highways, but traffic is always heavy. Much of the traffic is made up of big trucks. Most of the trucks are traveling faster than I normally cruise, but a few are slower than I am. I try to maintain a 65MPH speed. Passing is complicated by having to find an opening in the fast moving trucks in the next lane with enough opening that I can gain the five to ten miles per hour necessary to run with the big boys. It takes all of my attention to drive on this road.

Today there were a number of big slow downs. The first slow down lasted for thirty five minutes. I only traveled two miles in that time before it miraculously opened up a little and traffic returned to normal speed. There probably was an accident, but I saw no evidence. Later slow downs were not as dramatic. Just lots of brake lights requiring a speed drop into the thirties for a few hundred yards.

Among the traffic on Interstate 75 today was more hurricane recovery material. There were a few more utility trucks with power line equipment in convoy. A couple of flatbed trucks passed with generators big enough to supply small office buildings. A little while later I passed another flatbed truck with a single huge generator onboard. This thing was as big as a small building all by itself. What it is intended to power would be interesting to know.

I deliberately broke up my travel back to Florida into two segments. Each segment is a little under 100 miles long. First it breaks the torture of driving on I75 into two days and second I want to give Florida campgrounds a chance to recover if they need it. Even with the traffic slow downs, the short distance meant that I needed to kill some time in a rest area.

I was trying to time my arrival for 1:30. It would have worked if I had managed to fill my gas tank before I arrived. Unfortunately the stations had other ideas. The first was filled with cars waiting for a pump. There wasn’t room for me to wait. The second station was a Pilot with a dedicated RV pumps, but the pump was pumping very slowly. I was warned off by a motorhome attempting to fill his tanks in front of me. A regular pump on the end of the row was available so I circled the station and pulled up to that pump. It was broken. I gave up. I’ll get gas at the start of my next travel day.

Site 15 at the Cordele KOA Journey in Cordele Georgia.

I arrived at the Cordele KOA Journey in Cordele Georgia at about 1:20PM. I will be here until Wednesday.


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