Last Day Hiding from the Weather

Saturday October 1st 2022

It was in the sixties this morning, but by early afternoon the temperature climbed into the low eighties. The sky was blue and the sun was bright all day. Occasionally, the wind would gust despite a normally calm day.

This was my last day hiding out in central Georgia from hurricane Ian. It turned out to be a good place to stay out of the wrath of the storm. In reality the track of the storm was far enough south and east that I didn’t have to run, but I would have been on the edge for a long time. I always prefer to be out of the danger zone. Tomorrow I’ll return south about half way to Florida for a few days. On Wednesday I’ll move down to just south of the Florida line for the holiday weekend. From there I have about a week of time to fill before I have a week booked at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral. The week I need to fill should be in the area of Ian’s path, so the places need a few days to get settled.

Today was a TV day and watching a few YouTube live streams of Disney’s EPCOT 40 anniversary celebration. The park has a few special events to honor the October 1st 1982 opening of the park. It makes me want to be there. Unfortunately, all of the TV and YouTube kept me from getting as much of the pretravel day tasks accomplished. I’ll do a few tonight and the rest in the morning. Checkout is at 11AM.

This campground is clearly back in the short stop for travelers mode. More than twenty RVs departed this area of the campground this morning. When I walked around the campground later in the day, I saw many more empty sites in the other areas of the campground as well. This evening more RVs arrived, but I don’t think there were as many occupied sites as last night.


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