September is Over

Friday September 30th 2022

The day began as a dreary overcast day. On a positive note, the cloud cover kept the temperature from dropping as low this morning. It was in the mid sixties inside this morning. Late in the afternoon the cloud cover thinned out enough to allow some sun to peak through and the temperature to rise to around seventy. An occasionally gusty wind out of the north blew most of the day. While the weather was influenced by the hurricane, the actual bad weather associated with the storm will remain many miles to the east.

The atmosphere at the campground has returned to one of normal travelers and general campers. More of the people that took refuge from the hurricane have departed. Both of my neighbors were gone early this morning. I believe one of them was from the Tampa area so they will probably find everything OK, but the other was from further south on the Peninsular. I didn’t hear exactly where, but I wish them luck. Tonight I have an empty site on one side and a normal traveler from Pennsylvania on the other. It may be my own attitude, but things seem calmer.

What happened to September? Tomorrow is the first of October. Today I caught up on a few chores around the RV and tried to look at my travel plans once I leave here on Sunday. Unfortunately I’ve let another holiday weekend sneak up on me. The second Monday in October is a holiday for many. A couple of the places I’d like to stay as I make my way back into Florida are fully booked. I will likely spend the weekend at a campground away from any attractions. They usually don’t fill up. I have three weeks before I stop traveling for a month in the Orlando area. This is the start of my fully booked winter season. During the three week period it looks like I will stay at five or six different campgrounds. It doesn’t look like the hurricane will impact availability at the places I’m considering. For some of my reservations later in the winter that may be more of an issue. It remains to be seen how quickly some of the state parks in the areas impacted by the hurricane reopen.

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