Another Day Waiting Out Hurricane Ian

September 29th 2022

It was cool inside my RV home again this morning. The temperature was in the fifties. The morning sun is blocked by trees and the slop of a hill, so it is slow to warm up from natural sources. I refuse to put the heater on before the end of September. To stay warm I had several layers on inside and took them off when I stepped outside. In the sun it was about ten degrees warmer than inside until early afternoon when the sun got a clear shot at my RV home. There was also a very strong breeze for much of the day. A high pressure system and the hurricane seemed to be having a contest of wills that results in lots of wind in this area. The temperature peaked around seventy with a fifteen mile per hour northeast wind and stronger gusts. The latest path for the hurricane passes north and east of here. There isn’t even any rain in the forecast.

There are more than 100 Canadian Geese in the campgrounds small pond.

I continued to watch the hurricane coverage on the Weather channel and DirecTV’s special local channel feed. Today the Weather Channel focused on damage assessments in the Fort Meyers area and the local feeds from the Orlando area covered the active storm as it finished its wave of destruction in Florida. In the Orlando area most of the damage is from the more than a foot of rain from the storm. Some of the flooding looks as bad as the storm surge flooding in Fort Meyers.

Paying so much attention to the media coverage of the storm along with being surrounded by people that have evacuated because of the storm, has put me in a form of limbo. I feel like I’m in a life pause waiting to continue when the storm clears. In reality this stop is just like any other stop on my rambling road trip. My home is wherever I park my RV. Many of my neighbors were wandering around the campground with their cell phones out talking with people about conditions in their home areas. Clearly they are starting to get ready to return to Florida. The people in the small trailer beside me went out and bought a number of gallon jugs of water to take with them. The campground is not full tonight. Many people have already moved on. I will start back toward Florida on Sunday. It will be at a much slower pace than my trip north.

In between walks around the park today, I worked on my laptop computer. It is about eight years old and is starting to show signs of failing. Today I worked on the task of making sure I have a good full backup. Most of the time I keep more partial backups making sure I have a copy of what I am working on in the Cloud and on removable media. The other task will be to try to free up a lot of space on the disk. My plan is to keep using the Windows laptop until it dies. I also have a Chromebook, so I won’t be left high and dry when it crashes.


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