Watching the Hurricane Ian Coverage

Wednesday September 28th 2022

With millions of people feeling the wrath of hurricane Ian, I shouldn’t complain about the weather. However, I was cold this morning. It was in the low fifties inside my RV home when I got up this morning. The fact that I left a couple of windows open overnight didn’t help, but it has been months since I experienced such low temperatures. Today’s high was in the very low seventies under a cloudy sky. The low temperatures here may be the reason the current hurricane track is further east from here.

I spent most of the day obsessing over the hurricane. The Weather Channel and the special DirecTV feed of local TV stations in the hurricanes path were my primary focus. The Ft Meyers, Naples and Tampa stations provided lots of local insight into the storm. Adding to my interest is the fact that I’ve been in many of the areas they talk about. This evening the west coast of Florida TV stations have been augmented by Orlando based TV stations. Watching DirecTV’s special local station feed is also frustrating. It is heavily curated and they switch between stations every few minutes just when you get interested.

Weather Radar view of the storm arriving in Fort Meyers. I was interested to see that my previous location in Perry Florida is still clear.

The storms current path projection once it gets through with Florida has moved further east. The impact on my current location is getting less sever. The strongest part of the wind and rain will arrive here late Friday into Saturday. It is interesting to note that the storm hasn’t arrived yet at my last location in Perry Florida and it may not have much impact there. I’m still glad I bugged out. This storm continues to prove that the weather service just can’t predict the path with any accuracy until it is too late to react.

Many of the Florida based RVs that filled the park last night moved on this morning. They are continuing their run from the storm. This afternoon a new set of people running from the storm arrived to fill the sites that were vacated. There are also a handful of northern state residents headed for Florida that are waiting here before continuing south. Last night and tonight there seems to be a frenzy in the park that isn’t normal for regular travelers. For one example there seems to be more trips in and out of the park by arrivals after they get setup. Another observation is the number of dogs some people are traveling with. Two dogs is not uncommon, but the couple in the motorhome beside me have three large dogs. They probably take up more space inside than the people. I also saw another couple walking four dogs tonight.

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