An Almost Rainy Day

Saturday September 10th 2022

It was another day with weather that couldn’t make up its mind. Most of the day was overcast with a very low ceiling. During the middle of the day a little rain arrived, but didn’t stick around. It was just enough to drive everyone inside. Most of the Florida panhandle is getting rained on. Some of the areas near the coast have received several inches of rain the last few days. This area seems to be located on a seem in the bands of rain. There is a lot of rain to the west and even more to the east. I am not going to complain.

“Not a good day for swimming.”
Morning overcast over Lake Seminole.

The weather seems to have impacted occupancy at the campground this weekend. The campsite markers at this campground have tags to indicate reservation dates and duration of occupancy. On my walk today I saw at least half a dozen empty sites that were supposed to be occupied. Oddly, there are also a large number of sites that are scheduled to be occupied starting Sunday. There may be more people in the campground at the beginning of the week than there were this weekend.

The weather also seems to have kept the people with boats on land. There are several trailered boats in the campground rather than hosting fishermen in the lake. It looks like good fishing weather, but the lake is large. Getting caught in the middle if a thunderstorm develops wouldn’t be a good thing.

Overcast sky at the end of the day.

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