A Good Day to Watch NFL Football

Sunday September 11th 2022

Today began as a gloomy day and got worse before it got better. Shortly after noon the thunder boomers arrived. It was loud and persistent with steady rain for a couple of hours. The sun was out by late afternoon.

Wildflower blossom of the day

I spent most of the day inside. Lucky for me NFL football is back on TV. I watched parts of several games along with some Indy car racing and some NASCAR racing. It was a big sports watching day.

When the sun came out I took my first walk around the park of the day. The weekend residents had departed, but were replaced by an equal number of new arrivals. The park remains about a quarter full. I tried to time my second walk of the day for sunset, but I really didn’t know when it was. My confusing location on the boarder of two time zones makes looking up the time for sunset a challenge. I thought it was a lot earlier than reality.

Still about an hour before actual sunset.

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