A Good Day for Chores

Friday September 9th 2022

The weather forecast called for a rainy day, but they got it wrong. Most of the day was a similar overcast to the last couple of days. In the late afternoon a light rain arrived and continued off and on into the evening. Overall the temperature climbed into the mid eighties before crashing into the seventies when the rain arrived.

The overcast day hangs low over Lake Seminole

Most of my day was filled with cleaning and maintenance tasks around my RV home. In between I got in two walks around the campground. The third was canceled for rain. A few more campers arrived for the weekend as the day progressed. There will still be plenty of sites for any last minute arrivals, but there may not be any room in the trash dumpsters. On my second walk of the day I took a large bag of trash to the dumpsters and had a hard time getting it to fit. I’m betting that a trash pickup was missed this week because of the holiday.

There was more wind today so the bugs were not as big a problem. The wind may have also discouraged the birds from this side of the lake. The only thing I found worthy of pictures today were lots of wild flowers.

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