Another Hazy Overcast Day

Thursday September 8th 2022

It was another hazy overcast day. There was plenty of humidity, but without sun the overall temperature stayed in the mid eighties. Later in the day a little more wind developed to lift some of the hazy and keep the temperature comfortable. In the evening a brief rain shower passed through the area to mar the full day of dry weather.

Walking on Lilly Pads.

This seems to be a bug season in Florida. I’m not sure what the bug is swarming. It isn’t the classic love bug, but it got all over the front of my motorhome during the drive on Tuesday. Yesterday I saw many of the bugs plastered on the side of the park information kiosk. Today I had the displeasure of walking through a couple of swarms. They don’t seem to bite people, but they will land on you and hang around until you brush them off. It really is annoying. So far I haven’t had more than a couple get inside my RV home.

The campground is in mid week empty form. There were only about fifteen rigs in the park last night out of almost seventy sites. A few departed today and a few others arrived. I expect to see many more tomorrow for the weekend.


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