The Holiday Weekend has Arrived

Friday September 2nd 2022

Today’s weather was a better version of Thursday’s. The partly sunny conditions lasted for the entire day. The afternoon rain showers stayed away from this area. The temperature peaked in the low to mid nineties with high humidity, but there was a nice breeze most of the day.

Blossom of the day

The holiday weekend has arrived. Starting around noon today there was a steady stream of arriving RVs. Last weekend there was a bounce in occupancy of five to ten RVs. I’d guess from fifty to one hundred RVs arrived today. Each arriving RV gets escorted to their site by a work camper in a golf cart. A good percentage of the arriving RVs have their own golf cart to unload once they get to their site. As the day went by the number of golf carts going up and down the park roads exceeded the volume of cars.

The worst the sky looked today. Great compared to yesterday afternoon’s storm.

The RV resort has a lot of activities going on this weekend. I haven’t seen any published schedule, but every couple of hours I get a text message about something else that is about to start. So far I’ve taken note of a Disc Jockey that will playing loud music at the pool all day each day Friday to Monday. They also announced a balloon toss tournament and the inflation of a kids water slide. It looks like it is going to be a busy weekend around here.


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