An Active Saturday at the RV Park

Saturday September 3rd 2022

Weather wise today was a clone of Friday. The temperature was around ninety with plenty of humidity and a nice breeze. The rain missed this area today.

The RV park was incredibly different today. When I raised the blinds this morning I was surrounded by other RVs. Up until last night the sites near me were all empty. Along with the occupancy comes activity. There were people all around. Kids were riding bikes and scooters along the road and plenty of walkers were out as well. The park pool was full all day as people swam to the music from a DJ. A food truck and a farm stand were onsite to provide additional options. I got text messages throughout the day announcing other activities like bingo and karaoke. Other than providing something to watch, the increased activity didn’t change my day.

I stopped at the Ocala Wetland Recharge Park again for some exercise this afternoon. It was very quiet at the park. I didn’t see any other people walking the trails and most of the birds seemed to be hiding out in the tall grasses. The few ducks I saw were out in the green algae covered water.

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