A Stormy Afternoon

Thursday September 1st 2022

The day started very similar to yesterday. There were scattered fair weather clouds with lots of humidity and a gentle breeze. The temperature climbed quickly into the low to mid nineties. The similarity ended in the mid afternoon. Yesterday the thunderstorms missed this area. Today the storms seem to form right on top of this area. About 3:30 a very angry storm hit. The rain was a continuous roar on the roof and the wind gusted enough to shake my RV home. It was a half an hour of hold on and hope it ends soon.

Here comes the storm.

There were lots of changes in the campground today. The start of the new month seemed to be a departure day for some of the longer term residents from the far end of the park. I’m not sure, they may have been work campers that got the park open and up and running. Later in the many new RVs showed up at the park. I’m guessing this is the start of the long weekend guests. There were more new arrivals than I’ve seen at any point since I arrived last week. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

Ibis on parade.

The pictures in this blog entry are from another stop at the Ocala Wetland Recharge park. My stop today was shortened by the approach of the inclement weather. Only a few minutes after I arrived the white fluffy clouds turned dark and ominous. I hurried back to the protection of my car for the trip home. It was only a couple of minutes after I got home that the sky opened up and the heavy thunderstorm began.


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