Back to the Wetlands Park

Saturday August 27th 2022

There was a moderate to heavy cloud cover all day. It was a very humid day with little to no wind. Even though the temperature stayed under 90 degrees it was a very uncomfortable day. The threatened thunderstorms with plenty of rain finally arrived around 7PM.

Blossom of the day

For exercise today I returned to the Ocala Wetlands Recharge Park. It is under three miles away and provides a nice place to walk with the possibility of seeing interesting things. I went earlier in the day in hopes of seeing more wildlife, but if anything it was worse than the middle of the afternoon. It was still a fun walk.

This blog entry is getting completed on Sunday morning. It will be back dated to Saturday. The humidity really seemed to get to me on Saturday. I went to bed early in the middle of writing this blog entry. Sunday is another day.


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