Resting on Sunday

Sunday August 28th 2022

There was a little more blue in the sky today, but generally the weather was very similar to Saturday. The temperature was in the high eighties, with high humidity and very little wind. The possibility of rain was continuous throughout the day. I was after 8PM before the storms actually arrived. The rain was extremely heavy, but the thunder and lightening were intense.

The sky was filled with interesting clouds.

My objective for the day was getting some rest to recharge my internal batteries. To do that I watched a lot of TV and video. My first challenge was finding the NASCAR race from Daytona that was postponed from Saturday. Yesterday’s race was on the NBC broadcast network, but today the network was broadcasting golf. The challenge was to find the correct NBC Universal cable channel that picked up the race. It turned out to be CNBC. What a race has to do with business news only a network programmer could guess. As it turns out, I didn’t watch a lot of the race.

This RV resort has very good Internet and Wifi. They do not have restriction accessing streaming services like most parks. I took full advantage today. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and a couple of movies on Amazon Prime in full HD quality. When I use my cellular data to watch the streams, I scale the quality way back to use less data.


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