Wandering in Horse Country

Friday August 26th 2022

The weather followed the same pattern today as it has the last few days. It began sunny with mostly blue sky and got progressively more cloudy as the day went by. By the dinner hour the clouds were thick and there was plenty of rumbling in the distance. Tonight the thunderstorms have missed this area. They seemed to pass by to the south and the north. The temperature peaked in the low nineties with plenty of humidity.

As the clouds developed interesting patterns formed in the sky.

Touring the area today I was reminded of how big this area is for horses. There are ranches with all kinds of horse related names. Many are focused on particular breads and others on horse related activities. The one common element for all of the places seem to be long wood rail fences with huge lush green fields. What I don’t see is a lot of is horses. I suspect they are well back from the road or in comfortable air conditioned stables.

Another picture of the bathing Ibises from yesterday’s visit to the Ocala Wetland Recharge Park.

To go with the ranches there are plenty of horse related businesses. I passed a couple of feed stores, a big tack store complete with a saddle on display in front of the door and an “equine” veterinarian’s office. There is also a great deal of housing being built, so I wonder how many ranches have been consumed by the increase in the areas population.

I was wondering if this new RV resort I’m staying at would have more residents for the weekend. It doesn’t seem to have increased significantly. There are a couple of new RVs, but at least one departed this morning. People haven’t discovered this park yet. My guess is they will need to do a significant amount of advertising to fill the sites this winter. I wonder what the business plan is with respect to how soon they reach a healthy occupancy level.


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