Settling in for my Two Week Stay

Tuesday August 23rd 2022

The first part of the day was sunny and humid. The temperature climbed into the low nineties. The second half of the day saw a rapid increase to the cloud cover. Shortly after 4PM the daily rain storms arrived. It continued off an on into the evening.

The birds are big around here. This helicopter flew low over the park this morning. It may have even landed on the far side of the clubhouse, but my view was blocked.

The first order of business today was finishing the task of establishing my home for the next two weeks. I got the essential appliances like the coffee maker out to keep me fueled before finishing up outside. Most of the morning after tasks outside deal with the car. I have to remove my bicycle and rack along with the rest of the gear used to tow it behind my motorhome. There are more outside tasks I might complete over the next couple of days, but they depend on how much outdoor living I decided to do.

For a RV park that is mostly empty, there was a lot of staff activity this morning. The park is still in “new car” mode. They are doing lots of little cleaning and maintenance tasks that will likely be abandon when the newness of the park wears off. I’ve never seen anyone clean electrical boxes before. A staff member in a golf cart was driving to each electrical post and wiping it down inside and out with a rag. I suspect it might have been spiders they were concerned with.

The clouds started to thicken as I looked out over the empty sites of the new RV resort.

I also noticed that the sites near the entrance haven’t been completed yet. There is still an excavator in the area and none of the cement pads have been poured yet. A brief study of the campground map shows that they will have more than 480 sites when everything is finished. Currently there may be twenty five sites occupied. I wonder how many will be here over the upcoming holiday weekend.


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