Mowing, Groceries and Rain

Wednesday August 24th 2022

The photo in this blog entry is a repeat from earlier in the month. I got distracted while uploading from my camera and deleted the few pictures I took today. They weren’t that interesting anyway.

The day began with a bright blue sky allowing the temperature to rapidly climb into the low nineties. As the day progressed the clouds started to form. Around 6PM a thunderstorm arrived. It was primarily a rain and lightening event. The storm hung around the area for about two hours dropping very heavy rain. A flash flood watch was in effect for the area. The scary part was the lightening. I was surrounded by many cloud to ground lightening strikes. Most of them were a reasonable distance away, but my RV home is one of the tallest things in a big empty field right now. Needless to say, I survived.

Today was lawn maintenance day at the RV park. They use a large crew from a landscape service. Since the park has only been open a month they haven’t figured out how to mow around occupied sites. They blew all of the cuttings at my RV home ad car. The cement pad was covered in green grass clippings until they came around with a leaf blower to clean up the mess. That guy, using the noisy blower, was within a couple of feet of my open door. He had noise protection in his ears, but I didn’t. The landscape crew needs to be more considerate of the people occupying the sites. I’ve often commented in this blog on mowing in campgrounds, but this was probably the worst experience.

This area of Florida is well known for all of its retirement communities. I was reminded of that fact in Walmart this afternoon. The store was busy, but not extremely so. The issue seemed to be the makeup of the clientele. More than half of the people in the grocery section appeared to be between 75 and 100 years old. Many were using various mobility assistance devices and the others were in no hurry to complete their shopping. They just weren’t very energetic people. It wasn’t a problem, but I normally don’t think that I’m one of the younger people in the store.


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