Travel to Ocala

Monday August 22nd 2022

This was a travel day so mother nature decided to make it challenging. As I was packing up this morning it was cloudy and very humid. It didn’t take much activity to build up a heavy sweat. At the other end of my travel day I had to set up in the rain.

I departed Jennings Florida right at the 11am checkout time. My journey was only a little over 100 miles, but I needed to take three hours for the trip. I killed about an hour at a rest area just south of Lake City on Interstate 75. When RV parks make the effort to publish check in times, I try to honor them. This is particularly important when you haven’t been there before.

Most of the trip was under a partly cloudy sky. Traffic was heavy going through the Lake City, Gainesville and Ocala areas. Between the big communities traffic was only impacted by the trucks slowing down climbing the hills along the bumpy spine of the Florida peninsular. Contrary to popular belief there are hills in Florida, but only in a narrow area.

As I moved south from Gainesville toward Ocala a huge wall of clouds became visible on the horizon. I was traveling into a line of thunderstorms. The clouds got darker and lightening became visible in the clouds as I got closer. Not long after that I had to turn on the windshield wipers to maintain visibility. I was lucky the worst of the storms were to the east and the west of my path. The western storm lingered around and posed a problem while I was setting up at my destination.

Site 362 at Champions Run RV Resort in Ocala Florida.

I arrived at the Champions Run RV Resort in Ocala shortly after 2PM. This is a very new RV park. It opened last month. There are several hundred mostly empty large concrete RV sites, a few cabins, a large club house and a few other amenities I haven’t figured out yet.


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