Sleepy Sunday

Sunday August 21st 2022

Today began similar to yesterday just a little more cloudy. By mid day the clouds had broken enough for partial sunshine to go with the humidity. The sun helped the temperature climb into the low nineties. Toward the end of the daylight hours the clouds returned followed shortly by a thunderstorm. The storm was accompanied by heavy winds and driving rain.

This was a very lazy Sunday. I lingered over breakfast and generally did very little other than reading and watching TV all day. The only break was a walk around the campground to check on the ducks and egrets in the retention pond. This is my last day here, so I had to “say good-bye” to the ducks.

The campground didn’t empty out this morning. Three other RVs remained after the 11AM checkout. Perhaps people don’t like to travel on Sunday. During the afternoon the next group of campers started to arrive. There seem to be more people here tonight than any other night during my stay.

I am moving on tomorrow. My original plan was to move north into Georgia from here. Finding a place for the Labor Day weekend in that direction was a challenge. Instead I’ve found a place for the next two weeks in the Ocala Florida area. My only concern is the approaching peak of Hurricane season. I’ll have to watch the tropics carefully and pull out and move north and inland if necessary.


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