Abandoned to the Ducks

Saturday August 20th 2022

It was a still, humid and mostly sunny day. The temperature climbed into the low nineties, but the conditions made it feel much warmer. Late in the day thunderstorms missed this area to the north.

Most of the day the sky was filled with fluffy clouds.

When I raised my blinds a little after 8AM this morning, all of my neighbors were gone. Only one other RV was visible in this section of the campground. By the 11AM checkout I was all alone. I really don’t get this place. It is so different from other times I’ve stayed here. In the past there have been a few multiple night stays among the single night stops. Nobody was here for the weekend. About 2PM tonight’s residents started to arrive. I suspect most of them will be gone in the morning.

The one thing that won’t be gone tomorrow are the ducks. They are everywhere around the retention pond. I suspect they have a coop, or whatever you call a home for domesticated ducks, back near the woods on the far side of the pond. They fly, but seem to stick pretty close to the pond. People are clearly viewed as a source of food, not as a threat. The egrets that hang out with the ducks fly away quickly, but the ducks just come closer.


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