Another Slow Wednesday

Wednesday August 17th 2022

The sun broke through the clouds for a little while in the early afternoon allowing the temperature to peak in the low nineties. Most of the day the clouds kept the temperature in the mid to upper eighties. During the early evening one brief thunderstorm passed close enough to drop a little rain and blow things around a bit.

For entertainment today, I watched a tree service work around the campground. All week a bucket truck operator and another guy to cleanup the mess have been working on the trees. Most of their work during thee first couple of days was trimming the low hanging branches on the trees along the exit driveway. The trees they are working on are older trees heavily weighted with Spanish Moss. Without trimming RVs would scrape on the branches. Today they changed their target to several trees in the campground proper. They did more than trim these trees. When they were finished only a stump a few inches above the ground remained. It really didn’t take long to bring the tree down piece by piece. There are still several huge live oaks adorned with Spanish Moss that stand in and around the campground. I hope they aren’t on the chopping block.

The campground was mostly empty during the day while they were working on the trees. Only a couple of other RVs stayed from last night. During the early afternoon tonight’s residents started arriving. The tree work moved out of the area with campsites when the new RVs started to arrive for the night.


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