Another Winter Planning Attempt

Tuesday August 16th 2022

My day began with the sound of rain on the roof around 7AM. I scurried to make sure all the windows were closed before returning to bed. About the time my head hit the pillow the rain stopped. It was only a very brief shower. That was the pattern all day. Heavy but small storm cells dotted the whole area. While I was out driving around the north central Florida area I drove through a couple of storms and saw several in the distance. None of the storms were very big or lasted very long. When I returned to the campground there was no evidence it had rained since the 7AM storm that woke me up.

I made another unsuccessful attempt at booking a reservation for next February this morning. Once again there were only a couple of sites available with who knows how many people competing for them. When these sites go for as little as $15 a night with the senior pass there is a big incentive. Private campgrounds in the same area want $90 to $130 a night if they have any inventory available. I have a day off from my frustration. It doesn’t look like there are any sites available starting six months from tomorrow. This is so similar to the experience I went through last March trying to book this same two week period in a Florida State Park at the start of their 11 month reservation window. That’s why I waited five months for the Federal campgrounds reservation window to open.

My challenge is complicated by the fact that I’ve booked the two weeks prior ending on February 9th in the Orlando area and the next two weeks starting on February 23rd in the Naples Florida area. I’d planned to book the two weeks in between somewhere between the two locations. My normal solution to unavailable reservations in the popular areas is to head north in the middle of the state. This area is less popular and has plenty of options. With Naples being in extreme southwest Florida this option isn’t really on the table this time. I don’t like five hour travel days.

Since I’m going to have to pay a high price for a commercial RV park, I went ahead and booked one that I know provides a lot of value for the price. I booked the first week from February 9th to the 16th at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Obviously it wasn’t the cheapest option, but surprisingly it wasn’t the most expensive place I checked either. That distinction goes to a campground in the Fort Pierce area. I still want to get a few days at my desired location before the 23rd. Then I’ll just need to fill the gap from the 16th to whenever.

Tomorrow I need to work a more immediate planning problem. I need to book a site for my next stop and the Labor Day weekend.

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