Cloudy Almost Rainy Day

Thursday August 18th 2022

The weather didn’t know what to do today. The day began cloudy and very still. By mid morning the stillness was replaced by a strong north wind. It was quickly followed by a cloudburst of rain. A few minutes later the sun made a very brief appearance before the cloudy pattern with an occasional shower returned. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties.

A dreary day,

The campground really emptied out this morning. There were only two of us left after the 11AM checkout time. Clearly most of the overnight stops are travelers along Interstate 75. Since most of the RVs are from Florida, and they seem to get on the highway heading north when they leave, I’m guessing they are Florida residents heading north for a few weeks of fall travel. Last year I stopped here at the end of October and I think the opposite direction of travel was prevalent.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of travel into Florida right now. While I was out today, I stopped at the Florida Welcome Center just over the boarder from Georgia on Interstate 75. It wasn’t very busy and I didn’t see any cars from states other than Georgia or Florida. This is one of three big Florida Welcome centers along the three major interstates entering the states. Based on a sample of two out of three I think Publix Supermarkets are sponsoring the welcome centers. There is a big advertisement for the store chain over the doors of the welcome center on Interstate 95 and this one on Interstate 75. My guess is a similar advertisement is on the welcome center in the west on Interstate 10.

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