North for Groceries

Monday August 15th 2022

It was a few degrees warmer today. The high temperature for the day was in the low to mid nineties. Other than the temperature, the day was very similar to yesterday. There was lots of sun and not an excessive amount of humidity. The chance of rain is forecast to be higher tomorrow.

The campground emptied out this morning. All of the overnight residents and my two neighbors that had been here since Saturday departed. Only one other RV remained in this part of the campground after checkout time. Watching one of my neighbors pack up and depart I continued to be confused by their intent. They didn’t seem to have any purpose to their actions. He threw lots of stuff in the back of his truck then started the vehicle and went inside the trailer. Twenty minutes or so later he came out and hitched up the fifth wheel only to return inside the RV. A few minutes later the slides were pulled in and he returned to action outside. It was another half an hour before they departed. I’m sure people watching me get ready to depart might be equally confused, but I know there is method to my approach. Maybe there is a method to this guys preparations as well.

After the entertainment of watching my neighbor depart, I needed to make a grocery run. I am located between two Walmarts. Each is about twenty miles away. I choose to head for the one in Valdosta Georgia. I think Valdosta is a little bigger community than Live Oak Florida where the other Walmart is located. I have been to both stores on previous stays at this RV park. The store was busy and the grocery shelves were not well stocked, but I managed to get what I needed.


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