A Sleepy Day

Sunday August 14th 2022

It was a sunny dry day with lower humidity than the last few. The temperature peaked at ninety degrees. Overall it was a very nice day.

It was a sunny and dry day.

I made the mistake of reading most of the night. I still got up at my normal time to make another attempt at booking a site in South Florida next February. Once again I was unsuccessful. The rest of my day was a battle to stay awake.

The campground pretty much emptied out again this morning as usual. Two RVs that didn’t depart are my immediate neighbors. I’m really surprised that one of them didn’t depart. If they are still here tomorrow afternoon I’ll be even more surprised.

For exercise today, I walked around the retention pond that the campground labels as a “lake”. There are lots of resident ducks, but they don’t pay any attention to you once they understand you aren’t feeding them. A few vising ducks and an egret or two round out the bird life around the pond.

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