Travel Day with a Little Drama

Thursday August 11th 2022

It was a cloudy morning to finish my travel preparations. Without the direct sun the temperature remained around eighty, but the humidity was trough the roof. Any exertion resulted in copious amounts of sweat. Never the less I was packed up and hooked up for my move by the 11AM checkout time. I cleared the exit as the top of the hour struck.

The travel day had its share of drama. First up I missed my turn onto the west beltway around Jacksonville. I’ve taken that off ramp many times, but today I misinterpreted the signs and was in the wrong lane. I continued north into the city on Interstate 95 to pickup Interstate 10 right in the middle of downtown. Traffic wasn’t bad, but there was a little construction. Overall it was a few miles longer.

The second issue was the weather. I ran into a couple of downpours. They weren’t thunderstorms, but the rain was heavy. It was necessary to turn on the window defroster at full blast to keep the front window from fogging up. Visibility was a challenged during the rain. It was only a light sprinkle when I arrived at my destination, but the middle part of my trip was wet.

I noticed the third element of drama as I was setting up at my new location. This had the potential of being the worst of the set. My living room slide out was out about two inches as the bottom when I arrived. I don’t know if I failed to notice that it was not completely retracted when I departed St. Augustine or if it came out during my drive. It has never come out before and it worked fine when I cycled the controls, so I’ll just watch it closely going forward.

Site 50 at the Jennings KOA Holiday.

It was just after 2PM when I arrived at my destination. I made one pause for about forty minutes at a rest area along the way to let the storms pass through and to kill time. I am at the Jennings KOA Holiday in Jennings Florida just south of the Georgia state line on Interstate 75. This is a place I’ve stayed before on the side of the Interstate. I’ll be here for a week and a half.


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