Last Day in St. Augustine

Wednesday August 10th 2022

It was another nice weather day. It was mostly cloudy all day, but the rain was not in the area. The wind direction seems to have changed to a more southern origin. Unlike the last few days with an east wind that caused the rain storms to form just west of here, today’s storms formed well inland and didn’t make it to this area intact. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties with plenty of humidity.

I see you too.

Note to self; stay away from schools on the first day of classes. While I was out driving around this afternoon I encountered two different schools getting out. I think every parent decided to pick up their kids on the first day of school. Cars were backed up in both directions and around corners almost a mile at both schools. Officers were directing traffic and only allowing a few cars onto the school grounds at a time. Priority was also given to the buses some of which were still arriving with the kids already out of the buildings. It really looked like chaos. Hopefully it will improve as routines get established.

Tiny flying insect on the blossom.

This is my last full day in the St. Augustine area. I extended my stay here twice, but I’m running out of interesting activities. Tomorrow I’ll move inland and north for a little more than a week. I want to be out of Florida for most of September and October to have better options if hurricanes start to head this way. Exactly where I’m going is still an unknown.


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