Post Travel Day Relaxation

Friday August 12th 2022

Today began cloudy and almost cool. The overnight temperature got down into the low seventies. Full sunshine never really arrived to really heat the air. The high temperature was in the mid eighties. The good news is the rain in the area missed this location.

Some of the local residents coming out of the shade for a visit.
I think you have to be a duck to appreciate the appearance.

I was up early to make another attempt at filling my last reservation for this coming winter. The six month reservation window for the twelfth of February is a Sunday so there were more sites available today. There were more than six sites available between the two campgrounds I’m trying to book this morning. Once again I wasn’t successful, but this time I might of lowered my chances. I clicked the wrong button at the critical time. By the time I backed out of the mistake and clicked the right button I was too late. I’ll try again tomorrow.

My day was typical for a day after travel. I finished my setup tasks and generally relaxed. I am familiar with this campground from previous visits. Not much seems to have changed since my last visit in October. The retention pond has a few more weeds around the perimeter and the ducks have a new place along the shore to hide out. They came out of their place in the shade to visit as I approached that area. Once they saw I didn’t have anything to feed them, they lost interest.

Blossom of the day

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