When Saturday is Sunday

Saturday August 6th 2022

The day began cloudy and threatening. The forecast called for a chance of rain during the morning. It never materialized. As the day went by the clouds started to break up. By the end of the day the sky was clear of clouds. The temperature peaked in the high eighties with plenty of humidity offset by a strong breeze out of the east.

Here comes the blue sky.

I spent the day in full relaxation mode. Breakfast was drawn out complete with a second cup of coffee. The rest of the day was filled with reading, internet video watching and some television. Most of the day I was under the impression that today was Sunday and tomorrow was Monday. I kept considering different plans for things I wanted to do on Monday. Did I sleep through Saturday?

The campground is clearly less occupied this weekend than the last couple. I’d guess it is only about half full. I counted more than twenty five empty sites in my area of the campground. The campground activity calendar posted near the recreation areas is not heavily populated for the month of August. The month must be historically lower in occupancy.

The beautiful Hibiscus bushes around the campground continue to bloom. Most of the blossoms seem to be a shade of red. They take on different tints as they age, get subject to the sun or get rained on. The park doesn’t seem to have planted any white, yellow or variegated varieties of the plant. Either way, they are very impressive flowers and good candidates for photos.


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