Another Relaxing Weekend Day

Sunday August 7th 2022

Today began sunny and ended cloudy. It was just the opposite of the day before. Other than that anomaly to the trend it was a humid day with the high temperature in the upper eighties. Once again the sea breeze kept conditions in the comfortable range.

Wildflower blossom of the day

Some of the weekend residents departed today. If the trend holds, more will leave in the morning. I’ve noticed that many people make a long weekend out of their stay. Another odd, but understandable, behavior is the people that leave for the weekend. Thursday, one of the longer term residents on a site nearby departed. They returned today as if nothing had changed. If you’re living in an RV and want to go away for the weekend, you just take your home with you.

As the day went by the clouds moved in.

My activity was pretty much a clone of Saturday. Since I though Saturday was Sunday that isn’t surprising. Most of the day was dedicated to relaxing activities around my RV home. The only real tasks to interrupt the relaxation were those necessary to survive. I had to take time out of doing nothing to cook some food and eat it. Night fall arrived sooner than I expected for two reasons. First I was enjoying doing next to nothing and secondarily, it is getting dark earlier.

Fall is just around the corner. I’m starting to investigate where to spend the Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend and the month of November. My winter schedule of reservations at various state parks in Florida begins at the start of December. With the exception of two weeks in February, I have everything booked through late April. The six week reservation window for the two week gap opens next week, so I’ll be trying to fill that opening.


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