The Weekend is Here

Friday August 5th 2022

Today’s weather was a lot like Thursday. The strong breeze off the ocean kept the temperature in check despite the humidity. Once again the temperature was in the high eighties. The rain threat was during the morning, but the storm line formed further inland and moved away from here.

Egret in reflection
Egret running away

The weekend has clearly arrived. While I was out today, there were plenty of recreational vehicles and trailered boats on the move. Traffic also seemed to be a little more impatient. I experienced several cars that felt the need to weave in and out of traffic to keep up a speed greater than the flow. Combined with some intangible feelings, it was apparent the weekend was here.

This is my third weekend at this RV resort. The campground was almost full the first weekend. The fact that a camping group from Georgia was here, may have been a contributing factor. Last weekend it wasn’t as full. There were many scattered empty sites throughout the campground. This weekend seems to have many more empty sites. School has started in all of southern Georgia and many of the districts in Florida also started this week or next. That may be the reason there are fewer visitors this weekend.

Hibiscus Blossom of the day

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