Touring Along the Beaches

Thursday July 21st 2022

This area avoided the afternoon thunderstorms today. There were a few storms in the downtown Jacksonville area, but St. Augustine stayed dry today. The temperature peaked in the low nineties with a comfortable humidity level.

Blossom of the day

I drove over to the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean for entertainment today. Driving along route A1A in St Augustine beach I saw a new to me pedestrian protection measure. At every cross walk there was a bucket of orange flags with a sign instructing people to carry and wave the flags as they crossed the street. I didn’t see anyone using them, and I can’t imagine what good they really do, but it is a colorful idea. I wonder how many flags they lose to enchanted kids.

Quick snap from a moving car of the buckets of orange flags at the crosswalks along A1A in St. Augustine Beach.

Further south along the coast I stopped at a beach just south of Marine Land. There were many areas of sand blocked off with sticks and tape. The enclosures are intended to protect areas with sea turtle eggs. All of the beach goers had to avoid the area between the beach and the dune with the marked off areas.

Overall it was a nice beach day for those inclined to sunbath, swim, surf or just comb the beach. I was on a scenery viewing mission not one of the traditional beach activities. If I was interested in getting in the water I would have been more inclined to jump in the Intercostal waterway. The beach areas on that area had lots of swimmers, boaters and others frolicking in the water. It looked like a lot more fun.

A visitor to the campground this afternoon.

When I got back to the RV resort I had to maneuver around several RVs waiting to check in. It looks like the park is beginning to fill up for the weekend. Traveling to my site at the back of the campground I passed many sites that had been occupied since I left a few hours before.


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