Wandering the Campground on a Rainy Day

Wednesday July 20th 2022

Today’s weather followed the same pattern as yesterday. Shortly afternoon a line of thunderstorms arrived in the area. Rain and thunderstorms continued off and on all afternoon. This is a relatively normal pattern for Florida in the summer, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Except, on Monday I heard a forecast for the week that called for higher temperatures and less rain than normal. That forecast was wrong.

Blossom of the day.

Yesterday was a long travel day with the stress associated with a move. As a result I slept into the late morning. I didn’t have much time to get the remaining camp setup tasks complete before the weather started to look threatening. My second activity of the day had to wait until the first wave of storms moved through. Walking around the resort to see what has changed since my last visit in May of 2021 was an exercise in dodging puddles.

There are no new structures, roads or camp sites, but they have put a lot of new gravel down to level out sites. Everything looks a little neater than I remember it. The other nice thing was all the blossoms on the hibiscus bushes around a couple of the buildings. The ground plantings also made the flower beds look well manicured.

The sky changed rapidly during the afternoon.

The resort appears to be about two thirds full. There seems to be a mix of people living here temporarily, travelers and vacationers. Since St. Augustine is a tourist destination it is not surprising to find a different mix than at the last few places I’ve stayed.

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