Feelings of Camper Abandonment

Friday July 22nd 2022

There was a little bit of rain in the early afternoon, but for the most part it was a sunny day. With only a little breeze and medium humidity the low nineties temperature seemed much warmer.

The fountain in the retention pond could use a little more water pressure. It doesn’t have much height.

When I got up this morning I thought I missed an evacuation order. Two of my neighbors had already departed and while I was having breakfast five more RVs in the immediate area pulled out. This area of the RV park really looked empty. I could only assume that most of the sites were reserved by other people for the weekend. For the most part that seems to have proven true. Most but not all of the empty sites have new residents tonight.

There is also a small RV club of some sort enjoying a weekend in the park. Many of the RVs in one area of the park have similar signs with the name of the RV Club and the name of the occupant. There seem to be around ten RVs. Most of them seem to be from Georgia. So far I haven’t seen any indication of them gathering for group events, but I assume they will.

I ventured out of the campground this afternoon to checkout changes in the area. It turned into a lot of driving and not much seeing. I avoided the center of town, so I didn’t see any thing remarkable.

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